The Breathe SMART course is for you if

  • You live with any personal or social hindrance from post traumatic stress, depression, anxiety, abuse, addiction, violence, are directly involved with or on the fringes of crime – and are motivated to change.
  • You are a relative or friend and in contact with similar life situations as described above.
  • You work with those described above and would like to sit the course yourself.

If you are not in our target audience; we can refer you to the Art of Living courses which are led by skilled teachers and run by the same models and concepts.

You are always welcome to contact us to discuss your situation and find out if the BreatheSMART course is right for you.

Note: This course is not suitable for people suffering from psychosis including schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, or for anyone on lithium, due to contra-indications in the breathing techniques.