About Breath SMART

Established in Denmark in 2000 by Jakob Lund under Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, the Breathesmart program has touched many thousands of peoples lives around the world. The Breathe SMART partner program, Prison SMART has been established in various prisons and governmental sectors around the world. You can read more on PrisonSMART.

Breathe SMART is administered by the partner organisations the International Association for Human Values (IAHV) and the International Art of Living Foundation. 

10IAHV is an international humanitarian and educational non-governmental organization committed to promote resurgence of human values in all aspects of life across the globe. The Association partners with governments, educational institutions, other NGOs, corporations, businesses and individuals, to develop and promote programs of personal development to encourage the practice of human values in everyday life.

The International Art of Living Foundation is a non-profit, educational and humanitarian organisation active in over 150 countries. The aim of Art of Living is to create non-violent and stress-free societies via multilateral activities, which bring about peace at the level of individuals, communities, nations and the world.

These organisations enjoy special consultative status with ECOSOC (United Nations) and cooperate with various commissions on health, education, sustained development, conflict resolution and emergency help. In just over 30 years they have grown to be one of the largest voluntary organisations in the world. Their social and humanitarian projects and programmes for trauma relief, self-development and stress reduction have reached more than 200 million people of all nationalities, cultures and religions worldwide.

Who We Are

Jakob Lund

Jakob Lund is a senior qualified Body Therapist, established Breathe SMART in Copenhagen, Denmark in 2002. His work has since impacted the lives of thousands of people marginalised from society through trauma, violence and crime, both in Europe and around the world. For more information see www.breathesmart.dk

Bhavini Vyas

Bhavini Vyas is Program Manager and Trainer for Breathe SMART UK. She has been volunteering for the partner organisations for over 20 years. After completing her degree in higher education, and her many years of experience working with individuals, universities and corporate organisations, she established BreatheSMART in London and the UK in 2013 alongside her work for PrisonSMART UK.

Dr. Katrien Hertog PHD

Dr. Katrien Hertog  has pioneered the international innovative Prison SMART program in Belgium in 2007, from a deep motivation to make peace sustainable.  She currently serves as Director of Prison SMART in Europe, where 18,000 prisoners have benefited from this training.  Katrien has personally trained 200+ prisoners, hundreds of refugees, Palestinians in the West Bank, traumatised Chechens, and those suffering from depression and suicidal tendencies.